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WCG has retunred with a new structure
[Open + Open Qualifier -> Group Stage -> Grand Final]


[WCG Tournament Category]

WCG Rivals: Invitational featuring influencers / pro-gamers from specific region
WCG Open: Regular tournament for progressing to Grand Final. By participating consistently players can accumulate GF Points to get a direct slot in Group Stage
WCG Special: Unorthodox event featuring mode different from WCG Open
WCG Grand Final - Open Qualifier: An open qualifier to qualify to Grand Final
WCG Grand Final - Group Stage: Final stage to progress to Grand Final. Top GF Point holders and Open Qualifier winners will compete
WCG Grand Final: The final stage of WCG. To be played offline 

Participant Requirement

[Participant Requirement]
- Minimum of 14 years of age on the closing  date for participation sign-up
- Clash Royale & Discord account registration essential
- Linked Supercell ID to Clash Royale account essential
- Server : Global
- No reasons for disqualification from oversea travels

Tournament Schedule (*KST)

*All schedule is based on KST (GMT+9)

- Registration start: 2023/05/01 12:00 (GMT+9)
- Registration end: 2023/05/19 18:00 (GMT+9)


- Check-in: On tournament date 17:00 ~ 17:50 (GMT+9)
- Bracket release: On tournament date 18:00 (GMT+9)
- Tournament Start time: On tournament date 18:00 (GMT+9)

Tournament Structure

- Open Duels Mode
- Single Elimination (Bo1)
- Top 8 advance to Group Stage
- Online

Day 1 (Sat): ~Ro128
Day 2 (Sun): Ro64 ~ Ro16(final)



Top 8 players advance to WCG Grand Final - Group Stage

Arena has ended

The arena has ended.

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  • Mercenaries0